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f. 11r., indigenous conqueror


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f. 11r., indigenous conqueror

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This scene on folio 11 recto has as its focus a town founder or conqueror [huey tlalmaceuhqui] who established the town of Ocoyacac by order of Axayacatzin. The man wears a loincloth and a cape. The loincloth has a red stripe at the bottom, above that a blue stripe, and possibly a white or yellow color at the top. His cape is a white cotton cloth that is draped over one shoulder. His right arm, legs, and chest are bare. His body is painted a pinkish brown. Musculature is indicated with black ink on his chest. His dark gray hair just covers his ears. On his head we see what may be a headdress with bluish stones or feathers circling above his forehead and a top know or standing feather that is a yellowish brown. In his right hand he holds two arrows, and in his left a bow painted yellow. He has red or yellow sandals on his feet. [SW]