Ocoyacac, Manuscrito Techialoyan de

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This manuscript belongs to the genre called primordial titles and is an example of the subset called Techialoyan codices or Techialoyan manuscripts. Techialoyans are late-seventeenth or early eighteenth-century Nahua revivalist manuscripts that strive to recapture ancient ways of documenting community history, elite indigenous lineages, and territorial extensions.

This one is related to San Martín Ocoyacac (now called Ocoyoacac) in the Valley of Toluca. Ulf Bankmann published a study of it in the journal Indiana.

(Stephanie Wood)


Photos of this manuscript were shot by Stephanie Wood thanks to the kind permission of the Staatsbibliothek Preussischer Kulturbesitz in Berlin where the manuscript is currently housed. It is called Manuscripta Americana 7.

Ellen Heenan, at the University of Oregon, has processed the images using PhotoShop and has inserted them into our Filemaker Pro database so that they could be annotated (2015).

Title variants: 
Das Ortsbuch von San Martín Ocoyacac, México; Códice Techialoyan de Ocoyacac; Altepeamatl de Ocoyacac
Principal editor: 
Stephanie Wood

Transcriptions and Translations

Analytic Transcription English Translation Literal Transcription Spanish Translation Standardized Transcription
[f. 6r.] niz tepeyxco mani zen[-] tzontli mecatlali altepetl yaxca [SW] [f. 6r.] Here is Tepeixco. There are 400 mecatl (measuring cords) of land. It is the property of the altepetl. [SW]