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f. 8r., ancestral couple


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f. 8r., ancestral couple

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On this folio, 8 recto, we see an indigenous ancestral couple, with a woman seated on our left and a man standing on our right. The woman wears only a white cotton cloth for a skirt, extending from her waist to her knees. Her hair is full, but its length is difficult to observe. She gestures with her right arm, her hand at about the height of (and obscuring) one of her breasts. The man wears a white cotton cloth skirt-like garment that runs from his waist to his knees. In his left hand he holds a bow and an arrow. He has a quiver with more arrows on his back. His hair is long but above his shoulders. He has a pencil-thin mustache and a short beard, and he appears to wear a single feather atop his head. Both the man and woman are barefooted. Their skin is brown. Near the woman we see a part of a nopal cactus, painted green with gray and brown shadows underneath it. [SW]